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Opening a door between the world and you, a breach. Inspiration is a tectonic question. Depths of oneself, common humanity, cathartic art, memory and traces; the world as it is, engaged art, futur and trajectory. And the blend of all. No formula. No guideline, no school. Keep searching. See everything.

Palimpseste: the word refers to the ancient scripts that monks carefully erased in order they can reuse them. Over time, previous inscriptions have reappeared, superimposing with subsequent ones.

Fabulous and enigmatic palimpsestes. That's exactly what we are: some palimpseste. No draft, we have to live with past vestiges. That's why palimpsestes are extraordinary:  summation of different truths, a possible infinity.

The first layer is the stronger. If you try to take it off, then you destroy the canvas. It is the beginning of the story, exactly like us. 

Paper, and canvas, are like skin. New and smooth, its beauty is bland. Faced with the chaos and the struggle, then it truly becomes, lively.

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